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You can book a tattoo appointment by email, phone or on site at our studio. If you book an appointment by phone or email, contact the artist you want to book an appointment with directly. You can also book a piercing appointment either on site, by phone or email. Poppa and Maria do piercings for us.


When booking a tattoo appointment, tell us in the message what kind of tattoo you want, in what size (height and width or diameter in centimeters), and where. Also tell me if you want a color or black-and-gray image. If you have reference pictures for the tattoo, attach them to the message as an attachment.

Please let me know if you have any medications, illnesses or other factors that might affect tattooing.

We only tattoo minors with the written consent of a parent. The parent must come to the studio on the spot to fill out the permission slip either before the tattoo time or accompany them during the tattoo.

A reservation fee is charged for the appointment, which is paid by bank transfer or on site at the studio in cash or with a payment card. The tattoo appointment reservation is binding, and the reservation fee is not refunded if the reservation is canceled by the customer. The reservation fee is deducted from the total amount of the tattoo.

Please let us know when booking if you have a gift card and plan to use it. State the serial number of the gift card when making an appointment. If you book a tattoo appointment and you have a gift card worth more than €50, you do not have to pay the booking fee separately, but the gift card also works as a bookingAksuna.

Please familiarize yourself Before the tattoo section before the tattoo time and if you have any questions, please contact your tattooist.



When booking a tattoo appointment, a booking fee is charged, which is €50/booking. In connection with a reservation made on the spot, the reservation payment is made in cash or by payment card. If the appointment is made by phone or e-mail, the reservation fee must be paid by bank transfer or by visiting the place within a week of agreeing to the tattoo appointment. The reservation expires if the reservation fee has not been paid as agreed. After paying the reservation fee, please inform your tattoo artist that the payment has been made.

The reservation fee cannot be transferred from one tattoo artist or customer to another. The reservation fee applies to the tattoo image or idea that was agreed upon when booking the tattoo appointment. The tattooist has the right to refuse if the customer wants to change the original plan to a different image or tattoo idea.

If the reserved time needs to be moved, it should be done well in advance (48 hours at the latest) before the tattoo time. If the tattoo artist does not have enough time to get a new customer for the free time, a new reservation fee can be charged for the new reservation.


The tattoo time can be moved without losing the reservation fee once, the second time a new reservation fee is charged. If a new tattoo time is not agreed upon immediately when the reserved time is moved, it is a cancellation of the tattoo time, in which case a new reservation fee can be charged for the new reservation. However, if the reservation fee is left hanging, e.g. due to pregnancy or serious illness, it expires one year after the cancellation. In this case, the customer must make sure to contact the tattooist to arrange a new time before the reservation fee expires.

When booking a tattoo appointment, the customer undertakes to arrive at the booked time on time and in such good physical and mental condition that the tattoo can be carried out. If the tattoo time is booked for e.g. 10:00, the intention is to start the tattoo at that time, so it is good to be there 5-10 minutes earlier. If the customer is significantly late or is e.g. under the influence of intoxicants, the tattoo may not be able to be done in the reserved time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be canceled automatically. In this case, the reservation fee is not refunded and a new reservation fee may be charged for the new time.

By paying the booking fee, you accept the Booking Terms and agree to comply with them.



Pay the booking fee to the account of the artist for whom you have reserved your time. Enter the date and time of your tattoo appointment in the payment message field (e.g. May 21, 2020 at 10 a.m.).

Poppa (Mustaamo)

FI36 1064 3000 2353 12

Maria (Kauneuskuu)

FI38 1064 3000 2398 35

Kaisu (Kaisu Kuu)

FI06 5092 0920 4357 89


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