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You should come to get tattooed well-rested, because when tired, the body is already in a state of stress and pain tolerance is lower. Therefore, tattooing after a night shift or party night is not recommended. Two weeks before the tattoo time, stop using vitamin D and cod liver oil. These thin the blood and may cause extra tissue fluid to leak during the procedure.

Whatever time of day your tattoo appointment is, don't come on an empty stomach. The body needs strength during the tattoo and to recover from it. In larger projects, you can take food and drink with you. A refrigerator and microwave are available if necessary.

The finished tattoo always differs somewhat from the sketch. Skin type and skin color affect the final result. The tattoo must always be adapted to suit the individual anatomy in terms of size, color and shape. An exact preview of the final result is therefore never possible. The tattoo changes over time.

Despite good care and hygiene, complications can arise. Allergic reactions and consequences are possible, and the risk of infection cannot be ruled out. If complications occur, see a doctor. Please note that no insurance may cover expenses.

The spread of the tattoo on the skin with an undesirable appearance, i.e. "blow out", is a rare complication caused by the spread of the tattoo color into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The type of skin tissue affects the matter, and the tattoo artist cannot rule out the possibility of a complication in advance.

If the pain is excruciating, the area can be numbed with Emla or Tapi topical anesthetic cream sold at the pharmacy. The cream is applied thickly on the skin 2-4 hours before the tattoo, covered with plastic wrap and removed just before the transfer image is applied. The effect usually lasts 1-2 hours. Painkillers are not helpful, on the contrary, they can even be harmful before tattooing.

You can take a friend or two for mental support, but preferably not more than that to preserve work peace. If you want, you can listen to music or watch a movie etc. on your phone, but please bring your headphones. It's a good idea to leave the children at home or in care during the tattooing, when you make an appointment, the whole family is warmly welcome.

If the skin is very dry, the area should be greased for about a week before the time of tattooing, in which case the skin will be more receptive to the ink. Especially in the winter time, the area to be tattooed should be greased with base cream at least a few days before the time of tattooing.

You should choose clothes so that you are comfortable, and possible ink spills are not the end of the world, i.e. not the most expensive white silk shirt. Taking the area to be tattooed into account when dressing also makes it easier. For example, in the calf photo, slightly looser legs are more comfortable immediately after tattooing.


You are pregnant, you are breastfeeding, you have a course of antibiotics or less than 7 days from the end of it, a course of cortisone or less than 2-3 weeks from the end of it, you are going to have surgery, or have just had surgery, you are intoxicated, or you are in pain.



Possible medications if you have HIV or hepatitis C, or other blood-borne diseases, if you have epilepsy or diabetes.

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